Open Source Compliance Workshop Taipei 2019 / 2019台北開源合規工作坊

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開源軟體在台灣業界的應用非常廣泛,但是想要將產品做到合於開源授權規定,卻是一件令許多商業使用者感到困難的事情。近年來「開源合規 (Open Source Compliance) 」這個概念浮上檯面,相關的討論發展開來,產生了各種方法與工具,讓使用者能夠以較便利並有次序的方式來達到開源合規的狀態。



Language 語言

This workshop will be held mainly in English.


Agenda 議程

    09:30-10:00 |  Check-In
    10:00-10:30 |  御貓之術-開源管理的痛腳之處 / Herding Cats - Manage the FOSS on Licenses as Business Intelligence (Mandarin)
   Lucien C.H. Lin (林誠夏)
    Slides: ODP, PDF.
    10:30-11:00 |  Open Source Compliance State of the Union (English)
  Shane Coughlan
    Slides: PDF.
    11:00-11:20 |  Break
    11:20-11:50 |  Introduction of OpenChain Japan workgroup – an inter-organizational collaboration (English)
   Hiroyuki Fukuchi, Shinsuke Kato
    Slides: PDF.
    11:50-12:20 |  3000多個成員加入支持OIN,搞什麼!! (Mandarin)
   Kevin Huang (黃鴻文)
    Slides: PDF.
    12:20-14:00 |  Lunch Break
    14:00-14:30 |  History and Look back of OSS Compliance in Panasonic (English)
  Shinsuke Kato
    Slides: PDF.
    14:30-15:00 |  Introduction of OSS In-house Community of Sony (English)
  Satoru Ueda
    Slides: PDF.
    15:00-15:20 |  Break
15:20-15:50 |  Open Source Journey in Moxa - Build up Open Source Office in Hardware Manufacture Company (Mandarin)
  SZ Lin (林上智)
    Slides: PDF.
    15:50-16:50 |  Panel Discussion: Open Source Compliance in practice (English)
    Shane Coughan (Host), Hiroyuki Fukuchi, Kevin Huang (黃鴻文), Shinsuke Kato, Lucien C.H. Lin (林誠夏), SZ Lin (林上智), Satoru Ueda.

* The organizer reserves the right to change the agenda.  主辦單位保留更動議程的權利。


Speaker 講者

The following list is in alphabetical order of the last names of speakers. 

Shane Coughlan

General Manager at OpenChain Project

The Linux Foundation



Hiroyuki Fukuchi

Senior Alliance Manager at Open Source Promotion Section, Technology Alliance Department, Corporate Technology Strategy Division

Sony Corporation



Kevin Huang (黃鴻文)

Director of Licensing, APAC

Open Invention Network (OIN)




Shinsuke Kato 

Chief Engineer at Innovation Promotion Sector, Innovation Strategy Office

Panasonic Corporation


Shinsuke Kato helps Panasonic R&D to improve Linux for use in Panasonic's products. About 10 years ago, he had developed the mobile phones which use Linux. He has been working with Linux and OSS compliance for over 15 years.


Lucien C.H. Lin (林誠夏)

Legal Adviser / 法制顧問

Open Culture Foundation (OCF) / 開放文化基金會



SZ Lin (林上智)

Project supervisor, TRD Embedded Linux Development Center / 專案主任, 嵌入式 Linux 發展中心

MOXA / 四零四科技



Satoru Ueda

Chief Open Alliance Manager

Sony Corporation



Information 相關資訊

◎ OpenChain Project / OpenChain計畫官網

◎ Open Source Software License Compliance General Public Guide (English)

Please click here for downloading the leaflet.




Location 場地位置

〈Wooji Event Space〉

2F., No.12, Ln. 145, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City

The best way to Wooji is through MRT or taxi. If you choose MRT, please take Songshan-Xindian Line (Green Line) and get off at Taipei Arena Station (G17), then take Exit 1.

If you need help about how to get to Wooji, please contact us.


〈屋脊 Wooji Event Space〉



〈屋脊 Wooji Event Space〉位於一棟六層雙併的樓房中,該棟由「極地 POLAR」管理營運,一樓外無明顯標示,但進入一樓入口處可見到「極地 POLAR」的立牌,上二樓即可抵達〈屋脊 Wooji Event Space〉。樓房外觀如下,而點選照片可開啓Google街景服務,來觀看場地附近的街景。


Contact 聯絡人

Florence T.M. Ko 葛冬梅   Email:


Organizer 舉辦者



Co-organizer 協辦者


Special Thanks 特別感謝



屋脊 Wooji Event Space / 台北市松山區敦化北路145巷12號2樓

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